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The members of Konqistador are a unit of visionaries; collectively bold and adventurous. Their supporters throughout the world are equally brave and strong in spirit.

Konqistador deliver a hybrid of electro-world-fusion delving in Eastern European industrialism, Baltic and Black Sea folklore, time honored Middle Eastern history. Their sound is delivered through ancient rhythms, ethereal and emotive guitars and adventurously explorative vocals presented in English, French, Spanish, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic and Russian. They are avid archivists and constantly record live, as originally recorded field recordings discovered from our travels around the world, richly influence their music.

“Suada” is the lastest release by Konqistador, and is an eleven track album, featuring titles such as “Albastru”, “Rafqa” and “From The Ruins”, that has been created over the course of six years, over four continents, six studios, with over twenty different collaborators.

Challenged by the tyranny of distance between creators, lack of funding and Konqistadorʼs waning desire to make sense of todayʼs precarious music industry, Suada was destined to be an underwhelming collection of unfinished stories and incomplete tracks, never to see the light of day. Still, never one to surrender to the immanent or inevitable, Konqistador carried on and did what they do best – survive to conquer. With tenacious laboring and a heart of urgency, Konqistador reunited in 2010 to re-create a fertile base of collaboration to re-plant the seeds that would see Suada finally come into full bloom.

Collaborators, producers and early mentoring for the album include; Joseph LoDuca (Evil Dead I, II, III, Producer), Jacob Hellner (Rammstein, Producer), Dave Ogilvie (NIN, Producer) and Victor Ghannam (Xena Warrior Princess, Spartacus : Blood and Sand, Soundtrack Artist). The multiformat, concept-album approach was inspired by the controversial, occult-meditation soundtrack for Lucifer Rising (Robert Kenneth Beausoleil) and reveals raw, organic sounds and electronic sampling that explores a union of genres including; World, Experimental, Industrial, Electronic and Rock.Suadaʼs timeless storytelling is delivered in English, French, Romanian, Hindi and Arabic.

Following on from their success created by several earlier released tracks licensed to film, television and Internet including; CBSʼ Supernatural (CW Network), Konqistadorʼs eleven new tracks are poised for new interest for film, television and gaming placement. Suada pushes the World Music 2.0 boundary, delivering ancient themes, delving in eastern European industrialism, Baltic and Black Sea folklore and time honored Middle Eastern history. The band taps original found sounds from around the world, bridging news worlds with old and collaborates with World musicians through digital sessions and digital file sharing, forging a Ê»no borders – no boundariesʼ international creation and recording process.

Konqistador are a Blue Pie Records USA artist and are published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) for selected titles.

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