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‘Loop.us’ is the live DJ band without the vinyl…

Mixing beats riffs & digital arts and sounds with live instruments!

They describe themselves as such, “Suck in deep and breathe a mix of grooves, nu jazz and break beat funk, plucked live and sampled in real-time from the players then fried in digital bacon fat!”

Loop.us is a project between David Cotgreave (Drums) and Warwick Hargreaves (Guitar), combining real funk and nu jazz grooves with electronic samples and live loops. Dave and Warwick have had years of experience playing in jazz, funk, and blues bands. They have both performed extensively across Australia as well as internationally!

Dave has actively performed in the Brisbane scene for over 10 years, playing with bands and artists such as; Jazz Australis, DC3, Charlie Horse, The Full Fudge and Azul to name a few. He has also had the privilege to play with William Barton, Kate Miller Heidke, James Sherlock and Meagan Washington.

In 2011 he played for Her Majesty the Queen on her recent visit to Australia. In 2012 Warwick returned to Europe after a successful 2011 tour with his duo Out of Abingdon for a 5 week 22 show tour road trip, including gigs in; Paris, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Berlin.

As this dynamic duo gets the chance to grow and explore the world of electronic music, they put their own twist on it through free form improvisation combined with a rhythmical, acoustic, jazz structure.

They now invite different musicians to be involved with their live and studio projects, as well as the chance to play and interact with some of Australia’s leading talent, all of which forms ‘Loop.us’ brilliantly.

Loop.us are influenced by a range of genres- both digital and acoustic, including artists such as: Madlib, Sound Stylistics, The Necks, Medeski Martin & Wood, Galactic, James Brown, The Meters, Grant Green, Prince and Koop. The band consists of guitar, electric bass, drums and a real-time producer.

When performing live riffs are grabbed from each instrument, looped, and then thrown back into the mix for the band to work with.

This layered effect creates texture and back bone for the artists to interact with each other live, as well as talented improvisation. A live set performed by Loop.us is always evolving and can be over one hour long, moving from groove to groove, riff to riff as one continuous flow.

For festivals and venues with screens available, Loop.us combines with visualist Jaymis who attaches micro cameras on instruments and surroundings, creating a live videoscape as the band play.

Loop.us is currently featured on Triple J Unearthed, while the completion of their latest EP is eagerly awaited! These creative boys from Australia’s sunshine state will be planning a 2013 tour.

Loopus are a Blue Pie artist and are published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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