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As far back as Lyrikha can remember, she has been singing. She actually sang before she talked according to her family. With passion and determination Lyrikha has been able to have the good fortune to be able to turn her passion into a profession. Music is a part of every aspect of her life. The story of how she came to sing is best told by Lyrikha in her own words:

“I’m told I kept time to music in my crib. Like many artists, I found a channel for my talent through my church choir. I sang my way from home, to church, and through school. I have always been interested in performing. In elementary school I was introduced to drama. At that time, I discovered I had a real flair for theatre arts and I wrote and directed my own play. I was so fascinated with what I had learned that I decided to continue my studies. At this very early age, I decided to pursue a career on stage with my music.

I extended my opportunity by studying acting for television and film at Stage One Theatre. I have continue my training with private vocal lessons. Bringing joy and happiness to the world through a professional career in the music industry. I was born to Jeff and Tressie Hall in Palo Alto, California. My mother was housewife and very supportive of my father, who served in The United States Navy. He received many awards of honour for his support and courage in the Korean War. Part of a family of fifteen brothers and sisters (all living in California)I’m blessed to have a close knit family.

While working in Sacramento, California I developed tendonitis in right hand, this injury prevented me from performing my job as a customer service representative. At that moment I realized that I must devote all my efforts to pursue my career as a singer/ songwriter. Over the last few years I’ve become a member of The Recording Academy and ASCAP. I’ve had the privilege of performing for such respected music people as *En Vogue’s Denzil Foster*, competitions in the bay area, and local night clubs. My dream is coming true and I thank the world for their interest in my music.”

With the help of Brian Lassiter, Lyrikha was introduced to Blue Pie Records and a musical partnership was established in 2015. Brian and Blue Pie Records are working together now to develop new music for Lyrikha and move her to more commercial music markets including EDM and Gospel with the help of the Blue Pie Productions network of producers and song writers. You can download Lyrikha’s debut release with Blue Pie Lyrikha is a Blue Pie Records artist and available at all leading digital retailers on the planet.

Lyrikha is a DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records USA artist.

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