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Mark Tinson of Rabbit

Mark Tinson was a former member of the wild Australian rock band, Rabbit, and he has been called the Godfather of Newcastle rock music. In his 50 years as a performer and songwriter, he has toured the length and breadth of Australia with acts such as Rabbit, Heroes, Swanee, Tex Pistols and TMG. As a record producer and sound engineer, he has worked with some of the biggest names in Australian music, and has mentored Screaming Jets, Silverchair and many other aspiring Novocastrian musicians.

Tinno is a talented musician who made a significant impact on the Australian rock scene. During his time with Rabbit, Tinson played alongside Dave Evans, who was the original lead singer of the legendary rock band AC/DC. As a band mate to Evans, Tinson was a part of some of the most electrifying performances in the early days of Australian rock, and so remains a revered figure in the annals of rock history.

Mark Tinson continues to make a significant impact in the music industry through his work with Stacey Tierney of Scallywagz. Together, they bring the music of the children’s group to life and continue to inspire the next generation of musicians. As the head teacher at the iconic Grove Studios in Summersby in Newcastle, Mark has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with his students. The original studio was built by the legendary Gary Beers of INXS fame.

His collaborations with Australian and international musicians have produced a unique catalogue of instrumental guitar albums issued as Steelville Cats and Surfcats. Surfcats in particular is a gem of the collection, featuring a unique blend of 60s prog rock style music which showcases Mark’s musical prowess.

He is a respected educator and continues to inform the public about all things musical through regular radio programs on ABC Radio, and occasional lectures at the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music.

Tinno has now documented his musical triumphs and failures in his autobiography “Too Much Rock ‘n’ Roll. A Life in Music”.

The book is an insight into his part in shaping the Newcastle musical landscape and is full of wry observations from within an often absurd industry. It will appeal to fans of the bands that Mark has performed with, and anybody who is interested in the development of rock music in Australia.

Mark’s contributions to the music industry continue to be recognised and appreciated. His discography is a testament to his musical talent and his passion for creating and performing music. Whether working on original compositions or covers, Mark brings his signature style and energy to each project, making him a true gem in the music world.

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