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Michael Horsphol

Michael Horsphol is one of the most gifted and talented modern day composers to emerge from the Australian classical scenes in the past decade. He has been playing and composing for over 40 years. His catalogue ranges in depth from symphonies to solo piano music to orchestral arrangements in the light in his new role as ” Head of Orchestral Music in the Light ” for Blue Pie.

Hailing from the land down under, Horsphol adds a digital quality on this record that can be best described as a musical sound scape that causes the listener to transcend time and space. Michael is truly one of Australia’s greatest composers and a prolific writer. He brings his one-man-orchestral show and virtual artists to life on a daily basis in every one of his compositions. He brings a superb piece of musical heaven to the ears and minds of people from all walks of life and all races and creeds.

Michaels music has been licensed to numerous placements around the world including: The Discovery Channel, Broadjam, BBC3, National Geographic, ABC Documentaries and ABC TV to name a few. With a catalogue of over 20 titles and songs being produced on a daily basis, Michael is now one of Australia’s most in demand producers. He has been called on to produce, write and arrange for many of Blue Pie’s roster of artists and now has international success on his door step. Working with Blue Pie’s production team, Michael is now developing several of Blue Pie’s new artists and providing them with a theatrical cinematic sound scape to attach to some of their more ” Orchestral ” compositions.

In 2009 Michael signed a world wide recording and publishing agreement with Indie Powerhouse “Blue Pie”. The agreement will see his music taken to the four corners of the world. As Damien Reilly – CEO of Blue Pie says: ” Michael is nothing short of a music genius that you get to meet once in every 30 years if you are lucky. I see an exceptional amount of talent in my role as the CEO of Blue Pie and see an amazing future in Cinema for Michael. We have assembled a team to develop Michaels presence and music brand in the coming years. Look for his name in the musical credits in the not to distant future for your favourite film. We are honoured to have what I regard as one of Australia’s greatest classical and ambient new age composers on the label”.

Michael Horsphol is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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