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Mr Sleep & The Flying Green Toad

Mr Sleep and The Flying Green Toad is a musical adventure into the heart of dreamland. Woven with wonderful world music, Mr Sleep and the Flying Green Toad is an eclectic collection of instruments & song stories, a musical journey, where the wisdom and insight of each song holds a special gift from dreamland’s secret garden.

Produced by three fathers residing in the Byron Shire of NSW Australia. Avishai Barnatan & Amir Paiss, (from the internationally acclaimed Hebrew-Arab world music band Sheva: www.sheva.net), and inspirational speaker and author Yossi Ghinsberg (www.ghinsberg.com) the Mr Sleep CD comes with a beautifully illustrated booklet full of whimsy and magic. The music was recorded by Avishai and Amir at the Globalev production studios established outside Byron Bay last year, collaborating, co-producing & co-arranging with producer and composer Maneesh De-Moore (MDMSound).

Mr Sleep includes influences from the Caribbean to the Middle East, and the tales are told with the support of many local musicians on the CD including Greg Sheehan, Steve Berry, Cleis Pierce, Deya Dova, Yuval Ashkar and many others, as well as international artists including Amsterdam based vocalist Sudha, George Yussef Samaan from the Galilee mountains & Gil Ron Shama from Sheva. the grand live 8 piece ensemble will include Amir Paiss, Avishai Barnatan, Darpan, Kamal Engels, Oles, Jamie Patugalan, Oles on guitars and wonderful 11 yr old singer Kayla Moon.

Mr Sleep is a friendly guide and companion for children at bedtime. The music is a tool to help kids to let go of their worries before nodding off to sleep. Mr Sleep shares musical stories about his journeys around the world and the characters he meets along the way. As he leads children into this magical world of dreamland‘s secret garden, Mr Sleep’s words offer guidance to help answer any challenges kids may experience in their daily lives. With its “One Family” theme, the story also gives children a positive message about world peace, tolerance and unity through diversity.

For more info on Mr Sleep and The Flying Toad, visit myspace at: www.myspace.com/flyinggreentoads.

Mr Sleep and The Flying Green Toad is a Globalev artist distributed by Blue Pie Records USA.

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