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Mz Sammy G

Born in Manila and later raised in Sydney. At the age of 9, Sammy lost both parents, shortly followed by the tragic death of her sister who took her life on Sammy’s birthday eventually leaving Sammy to fend for herself under the care of Department Of Community Services. Sammy grew up in Refuges across Sydney and there she discovered her love for writing poetry and her passion for performing.

On a mission to musically educate herself Sammy enrolled in music courses and attended recording sessions at every possible chance to learn how the production side operates. Sammy gained allot of knowledge, but most of all aligned herself with a strong network of professionals who helped her grow as a Solo Artist.

Entertaining listeners with her soul & fearless flow, Mz Sammy G shows unique strength & dedication to the love of music. Promoters and Event Organizers began inviting Sammy G to perform regularly at Clubs and Events in Sydney and eventually throughout Australia.

Audiences and Critics agree: “Sammy G” is a firecracker, an explosive performer and so animated….truly exciting to watch”. Mz Sammy G writes upbeat, positive songs and ‘BEAUTY OF IT ALL’ is no exception. Sammy G’s charisma is undeniable and her unique soul will deliver strength and love to her 2nd EP in 2018.

Mz Sammy G is a DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records USA artist. Mz Sammy G is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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