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Neon Dawn

“We must become the change we want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi’s epic words are just one of the philosophies that this fresh new band, Neon Dawn live by. Through their magnetic lyrics and captivating music, this is a band that could change the world one song at a time…

Formed half way through 2008 Neon Dawn is the re kindling and evolution of the talents of two of Sydney’s most successful bands DeniM and Novus.

A blend of classic and modern rock, Neon Dawn is impressive in its versatility and array of instrumental flair.

Along with the regular guitar, bass and drums lineup, at a Neon Dawn show you are also likely to hear saxophone, keys, samples, vocals and even a Chapman stick! Any performance these guys give is always a massive show where you will hear intelligent, thought-provoking lyrics and big, melodic hooks.

Between the 5 band members they have over 30 years of experience making music and bringing together crowds for sell-out performances.

These have included shows at The Bondi Winter Music Festival, Melbourne’s National Theatre, The Uni Bar in Hobart and the Metro and Gaelic Club in Sydney. They have also headlined shows nationally, from Cobar to Perth and back again.

Along with this long list of sell-out performances are awards including the Laney competition. After hibernating for sometime while completing their latest EP, “Someone Like You”, Neon Dawn is now finally back on stage performing and again selling out shows.

Neon Dawn are a Blue Pie Records USA artist and published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) and Blue Pie Records (APRA).

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