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Olu Maintain

Olu Maintain is one of the freshest producers out of Nigeria, and a renowned music artist. Born September 1976 in Lagos State in Western Nigeria, Olu calls Ondo State in Southwestern Nigeria his home currently. His real name is Olumide Edwards Adegbulu. His parents both practice medicine, and Olu himself has a diploma certificate for accountancy, awarded in 2001 by The Polytechnic, Ibadan.

Olu maintains his skills throughout the generations he’s been active since 1997. He got his start in the industry with his debut album Domitila, which hit the air October 1998 – nearly a year’s worth of hard work would propel his first release into public notice, and Olu would found the group known as Maintain, along with his cousin Tolu Ogunniyi, and Big Bamo AKA Adeboye Bammeke. The group ruled the late 90s and early 2000s, separating in 2004. That didn’t stop Olu from making his magical music, and he split off to become a solo artist. Releasing multiple albums throughout his career, he is especially known for his track Yahooze, which is a nickname that Olu has sometimes been known to go by – Mr Yahooze. In 2012, his single Nawti earned the Nigeria Entertainment Award for the Best Video of the Year, as well as the Best Reggae/Dancehall video of the year, both at the Nigeria Music Video Awards. He has also featured alongside legendary contemporary artists, such as 50 Cent and Olivia in his 2013 track Hypnotize Me, and Fatman Scoop in his 2013 track Oya Dancia.

Fast forward to October 2022, when Olu Maintain joined the Blue Pie Records roster – here he remains to this day, still doing what he does best. We’re very excited to have him on board and we look forward to what new musical adventures he’ll embark upon!

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