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Plantashun Boiz

The Plantashun Boiz are a Nigerian hiphop and R&B band, composed of 2Face Idibia, Faze, and BlackFaceNaija.

The group was formed during their college years in Enugu, at the Institute Of Management And Technology (I.M.T Enugu). They later re-established themselves in Lagos, and truly made a name for themselves. The trio are a group who frequently produce a heartfelt and romantic tracks, with emotion and longing brimming from their voices.

With that kind of talent, the Boiz had began to turn some heads, although they weren’t known as the Plantashun Boiz just yet. However, it didn’t take long before a chance meeting with Tony Tetuila, another Nigerian ex member of The Remedies, led to further exposure of the group and eventual release of their first album as the Plantashun Boiz in the year 2000. Sadly, the group split up after the exit of 2Face, who wanted a solo career on the platform of Kennis Music. At the time, this didn’t go down well with the other members of the group, but they moved on and each released their individual single albums. The first to brave this frontier was 2Face, followed by BlackFaceNaija, then by Faze. These albums were successful and Nigerians kept anticipating more from them even as many hoped for their reunion. Eventually, they got their wish, as 2014 graced us with the return of the esteemed group!

You can hear the love that the Plantashun Boiz have for their craft, made manifest in all of their passionate works. The group was managed by Owoyemi Akinwale Nathaniel (Natz), Ifeanyi Oji (Odogwu), and Obasi Leonard (Baba Leo). As a result of the Plan B reunion album, Plantashun Entertainment Ltd. Management was born in 2007. The Plan B album was distributed by T Joe. The team behind the Boiz, as well as the talents of the Boiz themselves, led to a musical milestone that Nigeria and the rest of the world are sure to never forget!



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