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Random Order

Random Order has drawn comparisons to bands such as the Au Pairs, The Slits, and The Clash. They have received airplay on radio stations internationally including; Galway Ireland (Radio Pirate Woman) Berlin, Germany, Amsterdam, Holland, and have reached #2 on CLKN 88.1 fm’s charts twice and number one on CKMS (Waterloo).

They have been described as, “Canada’s premiere reggae-ska-punk-rawk-world underground supergroup who pack floors quickly with politics you can dance to!”. However they have been described, Random Order’s sound is UNIQUE!

Vocalist/guitarist S. Lynn Phillips is the driving force behind Random Order. Lynn’s vocal style traverses the musical spectrum ranging from playful rap, to soulful reggae, blow-you-away punk/funk and hard ROCK amongst more. Lynn’s over-the-top leads have an evident Jimi Hendrix styled influence!

John Juilliard Jowett plays the trombone with a conductor’s confidence and a Ska/Punk player’s humor. Michel DeQuevedo loves Jamaican Ska/Reggae, which manifests in the toe tapping, bass smacking, and head bopping laid back sanguine bass lines she provides. Caterina Marchese is a hard hitting and groovy drummer whose exuberant energy explodes in live Random Order shows! They are truly a whirlwind of exciting tunes, be sure to check them out to find out more!

Random Order are a Blue Pie Records USA artist and are published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) for selected titles.

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