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Scott Savol

Scott Savol never went looking for fame. He simply wanted to do what he loved most, and that was to sing. As a shy 6 year old, compelled to share his voice with others, he sang while sitting under the kitchen table where nobody could see him. Two decades later, the television phenomenon known as American Idol had cured Savol of any remaining fears of performing in public, giving him a worldwide platform, and brought him instant notoriety.

A native of Ohio, Scott Savol became a household name in 2005 when he finished top 5 on season 4 of American Idol. The number one rated show reached 30 million viewers an episode and recorded a record breaking 500 million votes. Season 4 pulled in the highest ratings and had the best talent the show had seen of any seasons prior to, or to come.

The year following his run with American Idol, Savol relocated to Nashville TN where he began work on his debut EP entitled Human. An eclectic selection of songs that encompassed his soulful voice combined with his spiritual beliefs. During his time in Nashville, Savol was introduced to Garrett Davis with whom he got his feet wet in the theatrical world, finding he has more than one gift.

Returning home to Cleveland in 2009, Savol came in contact with a friend who introduced him to an independent label out of Youngstown OH, Mahoning Valley Records. He began work on his second studio album entitled In Spite Of All. The project was a collective effort of musicians in Nashville, originally from northeast Ohio.

2013-2016 saw Savol become lead male singer of The Avenue Band with Cleveland Music Group. The break from the recording industry allowed Savol to find the joy in sharing his voice with the world again. Never did an event go by without multiple people recognizing Savol and asking about his experience on Idol. ‘You should have won’ would ring throughout every conversation.

During a second stint in Nashville, Savol began to get his creative juices flowing. He began writing again, and started getting his feet wet in the area of production and engineering. Never having a lesson, he began teaching himself, by ear, how to put chords together on the piano. Little did he know he was preparing himself for the next move back home.

2018 brought Savol together with producer, and former front man for Cleveland Ohio’s own, platinum selling R&B recording group The Rude Boys, Edward ‘Buddy’ Banks. His July 1, 2019 release of Be About It, co-written and co-produced with Buddy Banks has begun to make noise. Getting into top 20 lists in the UK, Be About It has been said to be what true R&B fans have been waiting on.

With several more singles still releasing each and every year, Savol is determined to set his stamp on the music industry. Compared to great artists such as the late, great Luther Vandross, Savol is on a mission to prove that he has a place on the list with some of the greatest artists to ever share their gift with the world. And he won’t stop until that mission is accomplished.

Scott Savol is signed with Mahoning Valley Records and his music is distributed digitally to the world by Blue Pie Records.

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