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Southpaw are a powerhouse of rock and pop that blend U2, Zeppelin and all things rock from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s into one music blender and then add the cool vocals of Robert Plant with an Island twist and you have Southpaw. Their sound is classic Oz rock from Australia. The Southpaw EP is a break through body of work which has led to a number of commercial placements in Film, TV and cable shows for the songs. Have a listen to “Coast to Coast” and “Windmill Man” when you want to rock the car stereo at warp 10.

Southpaw started back in late 1995 and was formed by Damien Reilly (Bass), Maurice Morgan ( Original Vocalist), Justin Gross (Guitar) and Phuong Nguyen (Drums) and Billy Rogers (Vocals). The name of the band came from Justin who happens to be a left hander and hence the name ” Southpaw “. For those who do not know this, it is a term often used to refer to a boxer who is a left hander. Maurice Morgan was replaced by Billy Rogers for the recording of the bands debut EP. You can listen to the EP below.

Southpaw have been remixed by many leading DJ’s including “The OUTpsiDER” and the band continues to enjoy commercial and digital chart success. For more information on Southpaw you can visit their website at www.southpawmuzik.com

Southpaw are a Blue Pie Records USA artist and are published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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