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The Objex

Described as a “Female fronted fast paced high energy Alternative Punk Rock and Roll band” The Objex first formed in April of 2006 with Felony Melony on vocals, Jim Nasty on Guitar, Joe Perv on the Drums, and the Jerm on Bass. Their immediate unity saw their outlandish and aggressive style instantly recognised by the local masses as their music, heavily influenced by the likes of Chuck Berry, TurboNegro, David Bowie,Tina Turner, Green Day, and The Plasmatics, landed them the opportunity to tour the US in 2006 with their recently recorded 5 track demo “Bound And Gagged”.

Unfortunately the end of their tour was also the end of Jerm’s contribution, as he left the band to pursue further interests. Unhindered by this sad turn of events, The Objex found a onetime replacement which led them to their newest band member, Aly 2x “the self-proclaimed ‘best damn bass player with a vagina that you will ever see’”. Now with a complete line-up once more, The Objex were ready to take on the world and release their first full-length album in January 2007 titled “Attack Of The Objex”.

Incredibly well received, “Attack Of The Objex” presented numerous on screen and high profile appearances which included shows at the SXSW music festival, The Afro Punk music festival in Brooklyn, NY, a spot as a supporting act on UK tours with Demob, Gold Blade and The UK Subs as well as multiple independent films, television shows and magazines.

However, the obstacles for ‘The Objex’ were not over just yet! Looking to begin writing new material in May of 2008 also led to the departure of Joe Perv who was soon replaced by Chili (Joaquin Espinosa). Joe Perv’s ill-fated departure and replacement did not affect the overall outcome of The Objex genius as they ended the year, once again, on a high note, performing at The Afro punk Festival in Brooklyn NYC (This time with up and coming artists Sual Williams and Janel Monet) and Headlining a show at Webster hall in Manhattan.

Things began looking up even more for The Objex in 2010 after deciding to sign with Jason Tanzer of Dust Tree Production Studios to bring to life their newest work “Reservation For Debauchery”. After a few months, The Objex won the Vegas Rocks Award for Best Punk Rock Band 2010 and was nominated for a Hollywood Music Award for best alternative song 2011 and best rock song 2012.

Sadly, 2011 saw the exit of Aly 2x, who decided to pursue her roots in indie music. She was replaced by Ivan Del Real and The Objex began a 2 week tour of Ireland immediately after.

Upon returning to US The Objex went quickly back to work recording a New Music Video For “The Song Lethal Lips”, Appearing and performing Live on Vegas Weekly (may 2012) and launching a concentrated and successful tour campaign in southern California and the Pacific Northwest. This eventually led to the introduction to music Producer Andy Carpenter who brought The Objex to Los Angeles to begin recording their next EP “Super Charged Lil Nova” in August 2012.

The Objex are currently recording their new EP and preparing for its release in 2013.

The Objex are a Blue Pie Records USA artist and are published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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