Blue Pie raises $1100 for the Village To Village Tsunami relief appeal !

“Village To Village” Tsunami relief appeal:

Blue Pie was fortunate to be able to donate two items from our memorabilia collection to be auctioned by the Village To Village” Tsunami relief appeal and raise over $1100 to help the victims of the disaster.

You can read the great note of thanks from Matt Farmer, Event Manager.

“Hey Damien and the Blue Pie Team, thank you for your contributions to the “Village To Village” Tsunami relief appeals in January and March this year. These were local, grass roots initiatives from local surfing communities, musicians and pro surfers on the Northern beaches of Sydney which through the assistance of the Lions Club International, Quiksilver, engin and Surf Aid International raised over $15,000.00 from these events.

The funds raised went to specific villages in the Mentawi and Tews islands who were largely missed by mainstream aid at the time of this horrendous disaster.

These contributions were invaluable in saving lives through medical aid and support. Thank you for so much for your valued contribution.”

Matt Farmer,
Event Coordinator,
Groove Communications