Blue Pie Records supports the 46664 Foundation !

Blue Pie Records has supported the 46664 foundation for the past 13 years and counting.

The project is an initiative from Blue Pie Productions, Crush Management, Rusty Anderson, Dino Jag and the artists that performed on this great song “Hurt Myself – The Remix”. Artists include: Abe Laboriel Jr, David Kahne, Probin Gregory, Brian Ray, Paul Wickens and Sir Paul McCartney.

The project is all about helping those affected with AIDS and the families of the affected, living with aids. The main effort is in South Africa through the 46664 foundation.

We have all united to help generate sales of this great song so that we can send cash donations to the 46664 foundation and help those that need help the most. This is our way, all the performers and the many companies that are supporting the project to help to make a difference.

You can help by simply downloading this song and getting as many people as you can to download the song.

Proceeds from the sale of this song worldwide will go directly to the 46664 foundation. This includes the ringtones, video clip, all digital downloads and all compilation CD’s that the song is licensed to and any advertising revenue we generate.

We hope that you will help to support this great cause and enjoy the music for the great new “Hurt Myself ” track.

Thank you from all the crew at Blue Pie, Rusty Anderson, Crush Management, Dino Jag and the many artists that have gathered to support the 46664 foundation. 

You can listen to Damien interviewing Rusty Anderson and of course the great re-mix of Hurtmyself that Dino Jag and Damien completed.

Check out the Hurt Myself website and download the song. Just by downloading the song you are helping those that need it the most and you get some great music at the same time.

Crush Management Letter of Support for “Hurt Myself”:
Nelson Mandella Charity Letter