In the spirit of giving this year, Blue Pie supports Australia’s Guide Dogs!

Blue Pie Records want to take the time today to thank the Guide Dogs Australia organisation for all they do. The sheer amount of devotion and passion that goes into training these majestic animals to support us is astounding, and the dogs themselves are clever beyond measure! Did you know that if a Guide Dog approaches you alone, something has happened to their owner and you should follow them to provide assistance? Every little detail has been thought of, and it’s with this level of devotion that we can be assured that those who use Guide Dogs are in the best hands… or paws… possible. Blue Pie are regular donators to this amazing service, as a matter of fact, and we feel that they deserve every bit of it. This Christmas, consider asking people you don’t know what gift to get if they want you to donate to this wonderful organisation on their behalf! This season is all about giving, so it’s critical that charities like this are considered.

From the Guide Dogs About Us page, here’s a summary of what the organisation is all about:


Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is the leading provider of Guide Dogs and orientation and mobility services that enable people with low vision or blindness to get around their communities safely and independently.

Each year our highly trained Orientation and Mobility specialists work with around 4,000 people of all ages to help them achieve their mobility goals.

We rely heavily on generous donations from the people of NSW and the ACT to fund our services. Less than 10% of our income comes from government funding, including NDIS.

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is a Registered Provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

As well as connecting participants to support providers, we can help NDIS participants with the co-ordination of supports on their individual plans.


Dig deep for the Guide Dogs – dogs sure love to dig, after all! Join us as regular donators and know that you’re supporting an organisation that truly deserves all the love they can get – as much love as a dog has for their owner.

Click here for the Guide Dogs Australia website!