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4 HOUSE DIGITAL has got what you need and knows what you want… Hit up this hot new label NOW!!!!
11 Nov 2014

The acclaimed Electronic musician and DJ Dean Sutton has created some of the best albums of Party anthems in Australia and has been working hard to share the love! Dean has started up two record labels since 2011 and his latest venture “4 House Digital” is gaining global recognition already! 4 House Digital is a label representing the best and finest up and coming artists, producers and DJ’s representing all facets of electronic production. These new kids on the block are producing slick tunes that are sure to be the highlight of your 2014 summer! The 4 House Digital Label is indicative of Dean’s slick production credentials and skills and represents a polished example of what good club music should be! 4 House Digital is a one stop shop for anyone looking for infectious dance tunes that will get people up and moving no matter where they are!

Dean Sutton is a music producer from Titenbar, NSW, Australia. Dean has had an extensive amount of experience in the music industry through producing his own record label “Got House Records” for several years in the North Coast of NSW. He is currently the producer and owner of his new record label “4 House Digital” since 2011, which releases all variations of house, electro, disco, club and techno music.Dean Sutton music is best described as having a strong techno beat with a fast-paced edge that has gained quite a large following on his ReverbNation profile and his Facebook pages. Dean continues to create more remixes and house tracks as well as manage his own record label in the process.


From managing and owning, two record labels while still producing and making music in the process. Dean Sutton is busier than ever, yet showing no signs of slowing down. Being in the industry for quite a while has made Sutton an expert in the field. Dean Sutton’s music can be described as having a powerful, fast-paced, techno beat with an edge. Dean has been working hard to produce his latest musical offering and has provided fans with music, which is truly magical!

Make sure you check out 4 HOUSE DIGITAL and Dean’s music on iTunes and follow the links provided to keep up to date with all the latest news and for media downloads.

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