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5 Indie songs you must hear! Proudly brought to you by Tayte.
20 Oct 2011

We all hear you asking yourself, “There are so many artists on Blue Pie, where do I start?”!

Well folks, the solution to this problem is ever so simple! Every week or so we will have one of our staff members bring you a list of their 5 favorite tracks from our catalogue.

Some of these artists are signed directly to Blue Pie, whilst some are signed to our partner labels (but distributed by Blue Pie).

The following songs were picked by Tayte Hampton:

1. Pillowfighter – The Vapors

2. Franco and The Dreadnought – Catch Of The Pride

3. Johnny Bennett – Sailboat

4. Paul Cresey – The Story

5. Boy With A Fish – Wish I Had A Plan

If you think Tayte will like YOUR music, send her an email to and she will be in touch to discuss opportunities.

Next week the top 5 songs will be proudly bought to you by our ‘Music Master Extraordinaire’, Kieran Wicks.

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