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5 songs you must hear! Proudly brought to you by Kieran.
25 Oct 2011

Last week Tayte Hampton brought you the top 5 Indie tracks from Blue Pie and we hope this inspired you to branch out and listen to some of our great artists.

This week it’s Kieran’s turn and he has come up with some doozies to make you rock and/or roll!

Kieran Wicks is a big fan of the Metal genre, but sometimes you can catch Kieran listening to acoustic gems. In fact, Kieran is an acoustic guitar aficionado and writes his own music. Yes, our metal-headed friend has a softer side. Who would have thought!

Here are some of Kieran’s favourite tracks from the Blue Pie catalogue!

1. Benjamin Hyatt – All Fall Down

2. Snake Eyes Seven – 13 Crows

3. Johnny Bennett – Violet Hush

4. Earth & the Next Society – The Golden Age

5. Soul + Mind – Her

Snake Eyes Seven and Soul + Mind are not live on Itunes as yet, but stay tuned, because they will be available for your listening pleasure very soon!

Be sure to check back next week because the Top Five Tracks will be brought to you by CEO, Damien Reilly. I wonder if any Chill-Out music will make the cut?



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