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60s Icon Donna Loren Interviewed on Suite101
21 Sep 2011

Marured starlet Donna Loren recently chatted with to discuss her recent comback, how the internet has affect music since her day and her legacy.

Here is a taste of the article:

After retiring from show-business at the age of 21 in 1968, iconic singer, actress and the face of Dr. Pepper, Donna Loren (64), made a much-heralded return to the charts last year with her new album and single, Love it Away.

A strong desire to have another crack at a career in the spotlight, after having been away for over 40 years, was emphatically awakened prior to, and especially following, the critical and commercial success of her first new material since a very brief return to recording 30 years ago.

Since the release of her album, Donna – who as a young doe-eyed beauty appeared on seminal ’60s TV shows, such as Batman and The Monkees – has managed to remain extremely busy with various other music-related projects, the writing of an autobiography and live appearances on

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