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7Horses 2010 Wrap-Up and New Festival Dates for 2011
29 Mar 2011

Blue Pie are thrilled to announce that 7Horses will be playing at The MMNY Festival in New York City!

The festival will be held on 21 June 2011, and will be buzzing with crowds and fans. For more information on the festival and to purchase tickets, visit the Make Music New York website.

The past year has been crazy busy for our beloved 7Horses with a series of very successful performances! played In August 2010, they played at the Lefties Candlelight Bar and Grill, Levittown, New York. Filled with friends and fans, old and new, 7Horses impressed the crowd playing their entire catalogue of music! Losing electricity towards the end of their set, they spiced things up by changing to an acoustic set. Great improv skills 7Horses, we are certain it was a great performance! To visit the venue, head to:

Early in 2010, 7Horses have also played at The Inn (Long Beach) and Villa Mare (Atlantic Beach) in New York. Playing at a party, playing an acoustic set, earlier songs and their newest track, 7 Horses really showed their versatility as musicians. Played acoustically.

Closing up the year, their final show of 2010 was played at Café Montery at Long Beach in New York. With a setting similar to that of California, the beach and waves provided a perfect setting for the evening. Hitting the stage at 8pm, they played a soothing acoustic set.

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