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9.8k views! DL soaring to stardom with his spoken word poetry!
25 Feb 2020

What if we told you Down3r’s “Lost Days Part 2” had gotten 500 reacts in one day? Day 1 of the video being put onto the Down3r Facebook fanpage, they were there for the world to see!

But there’s more… under a month has gone by since the 3rd of February when the video was uploaded, and already Lost Days part 2 has exceeded Lost Days Part 1’s viewcount and has skyrocketed to 9.8k views! That’s approximately 800 more than part 1, and it’s only been a month! Part 1 has been up for a year… funnily enough, a year exactly! Today is the upload anniversary for Part 1 on the facebook fanpage! We swear we didn’t plan this…

One month is all it took for Lost Days part 2 to come into the same status as part 1 did in a year! Maybe it has a certain kind of magic. Who knows… at some point, maybe parts 1 and 2 will be edited into one track and dropped as a spoken word single/EP? We’ll have to see… But for now, all you DL fans can be content in knowing you aren’t alone! Check out how much support there is out there! Could it be because of a recent radio campaign for Suga Boom Boom and Wear Me Down…?

Or maybe it’s just because of how beloved Down3r is right now in general! It’s never been a better time to be a Down3r fan, and his stuff has never been more accessible! After all, Down3r’s entire catalogue is available RIGHT NOW on all major online retailers, and of course that includes Spotify!

And for the few of you in the readerbase who are STILL unlucky enough to have not heard of Down3r after all this time and aren’t sure where to start, consider this an introduction to the rest of your hip hop life!

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

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