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9/11...NYC...The Days After, featuring artist Kama Linden.
30 Aug 2012

Songwriter Kama Linden’s lyrics to her song ‘Crossed Over’ from the album Uninhibited (available on iTunes and Amazon through Blue Pie Productions) have been published in the book “9/11…NYC…The Days After,” distributed by Art For Healing. ‘Crossed Over’ can be found on page 57. Suzanne Vega and Bruce Springsteen also have lyrics published in the book.

The books are donated to public libraries across the USA, and can be purchased through for $20.

There will be a reading of the book held on Sunday the 9th of September from 2pm at the Staten Island Museum. Museum Admission is $3.00 for Adults, $2.00 for Seniors and Students and FREE for Children under the age of 12.

Listen, watch, and participate in poetry, photography, video and song collected in the book that is a collective response and a tribute to NYC ‘s heroes and community in the wake of 9/11/2001.

Kama Linden participated in an interview with NBC in late 2011 to promote the book with Loren Ellis, founder of Art For Healing. You can watch the interview on YouTube to hear Kama reading her lyrics from ‘Crossed Over’ as well as information on donations to Art For Healing.

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