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A iTunes Connect Message!
15 May 2012

We are pleased to announce the iTunes in the Cloud beta, which gives users new ways to access their music—wirelessly and without syncing. Users can now automatically download future purchases to up to ten devices and computers that they’ve associated with their Apple ID, download previous music purchases from the iTunes Store, and access their entire iTunes music Library from the cloud–even for music not purchased on iTunes.

With Automatic Downloads, customers can automatically deliver new music purchases to all their associated devices or computers over Wi-Fi or 3G. Customers can buy a song from iTunes on their iPhone commuting to work, and it will be waiting for them on their other devices and computers, all without having to sync.

Customers can also download any music they’ve previously purchased on iTunes to any of their associated devices and computers by simply navigating to the new Purchased section and tapping to download.

And, coming this Fall, customers will be able to sign up for iTunes Match, a paid service to put their entire iTunes music Library in the cloud—including music ripped from CDs or purchased somewhere other than iTunes.

For any artists who haven’t yet added it to their Facebook page, this app creates a monetized way for artists to showcase their videos on Facebook. The plays from within the app count towards artists’ market share. In addition, we’ve seen great results when artists link to their VEVO FB tabs for new videos. By using the fan-gate option (requiring that a user “Like” the artist page before watching), you can capture additional fan relationships, and commenting/sharing/liking on the tab increases fan engagement on your page.

To download iTunes, click here! 

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