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A look at the mansion! A new sync pitch - will Bravo like it?
25 Feb 2022

Picture yourself in a coastal mansion. The wind in your hair on the balcony, the sea foam dotting your skin. You’re at peace. Serenity. Then the owner emerges around the corner. He’s mad but you’re too zen to care. He calls the police and they arrive to restrain and pepper spray you. Holiday bliss. You’re like a beach bum Gandhi at this point. Nothing can bring you down, except the 260 pound officer who’s just driven you to the ground with a flawlessly executed piledriver. Poseidon emerges from the waves to point and laugh at you, and he and the mansion owner both hold up scoring cards, rating the cop’s maneuver a perfect 10 each. Blissful, serene, mansion life. We’re sure we can all relate to that calming story, and our inner peace won’t let us hear anything to the contrary. We know that sort of thing happens to everyone, so shut up. But if there is a hypothetical person who somehow cannot relate to that very normal anecdote, we present to you this, the latest in Blue Pie Sync Concepts!

We would give this a full rating normally but we’re stuck giving it an 8/10 due to the severe lack of infringement and overall pain and discord. Maybe next time.

This sync pitch is straight from a familiar set of Blue Pie creators, using a familiar tune!

Yep, that’s Where Is The Love by Key Loch! Good going Key Loch – you’re truly turning heads everywhere with your creations!

It’s a chill song, and it’s amazing how removing the lyrics can make it more upbeat for purposes like this mansion video.

So what exactly is the mansion pitch for? It’s straight from our creative team – it’s a mashup concept for the Bravo network! We’re not affiliated with Bravo, but as an example, we thought we’d construct something with the intent to be paired with their Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles program. This can showcase the versatility of the music in our catalogue – indeed, Sync Concepts are far from new territory for us, and we’ve made plenty like this before for other purposes!

We can tell that our glorious pitch will have Bravo kneeling at our feet in awe, and we hope they like it… no, that they can resist tearing themselves away from the majesty of the godly video creation we have blessed their IP with! Anyways, court hearing is on Monday, you guys are welcome to come, please bring snacks because we may cry. Still, another rousing success from the promo team! Interesting to see how our material matches up with that of other creators out there. Here’s looking forward to the future! Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some stern letters to send to Poseidon, thank you very much.

Key Loch are Damien Reilly and Justin Gross. They are the founders of the 90’s power Aussie Rock Band Southpaw They bring together a production history between them of 50 years of song writing and playing live music in Australia. Key Loch’s expert playing guarantees that every time you listen to the sexy “Where Is The Love”, it’ll hit you right where it counts. The future is bright and Key Loch are wearing shades as they unlock the musical doors of your mind and fill it full of incredible music. This is the beginning of something amazing and the world can never have enough of GREAT music.

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