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A new orchestral wonder! We love Ivana Marija Vidovic!
08 Jun 2019

After several years, this month we are finally able to relay news from Classical Music Art– they are distributing the presentation of the artist Ivana Marija Vidovic aka Vidović! They have been working with her for a long time and are excited to finally present updates about her musical journey as an artist!

Firstly is some exciting news that we have an equal part in relaying to you- our new collaboration with Ivana at Blue Pie Records in our Australian and USA offices! We’re very excited to help release a new album of classical music featuring Piano and Orchestra. The albnum is titled “Ivana’N’Orchestra”. Click on the player below to listen to this great masterpiece.

We’re very excited to share the skill Ivana displays with her Orchestral and Pianist work- it truly captures the essence of art, culture, and history that go in tandem with any classical-style compositions.

Here is a classical compilation that she has been involved with!

She plays the piano like a dream! Keep your eyes on the internet for “IVANA’N’ORCHESTRA”! Ivana is excited to present the fruits of her labour in both English and Croatian, as she feels expressing it in these languages allows her to truly express herself.

We at Blue Pie would like to thank Ivana for their efforts in this collaboration, and between our joint efforts it will be distributed rapidly to the world. Go hunt it down if classical piano compositions is something that tickles your fancy! Ivana is the talented performer for you.

She takes her time and never rushes her efforts, and has also been involved with solo piano performances before this! She’s no beginner, and now her music is seeing new popularity and spreading far and wide in her original language and in English.

Just listen to that mastery! If you wish to support this fantastic artist, the best kind of initial support is to take the time to know and understand her talent, to truly listen to her music, engage with live music and concerts that she’s been involved in. Truly get to know the heart and soul behind it all! We recommend you start with, and browse all major music retailers to really get started. She’s also willing to participate in photo shoots and interviews for anyone looking for a rising star shining brighter than many others!

Check out this live performance from her:

We’re sure you’ll find something from her work that you like if you appreciate the classics. For all the latest news on Ivana visit the following links:

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