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A rewarding social boom for Eleven Dollars
22 Jun 2012

We are excited to announce that our fellow band Eleven dollars, has reached a completely new level of social popularity. Their weekly total of likes, fans, and posts about the band, reached a whooping 27,683 on their Facebook page.

Our marketing team at Blue Pie has worked hard to promote the boys on Facebook and other social media avenues, and thankfully, the power of Facebook has now created an exciting new fan base for the band.

This is very good news for Eleven Dollars, as from this moment on, their ability to expand their number of fans and supporters, can be successfully achieved through social media tools and with the help of our marketing team at Blue Pie Records.

We love to see our bands moving up in the music industry. With musically skilled artists such as Eleven Dollars, we‘re sure they’ll have no trouble in achieving that, as they have a sound that leaves you wanting more.

We want to congratulate the boys on their success and we wish to continue helping and supporting them as much as we can in the near future.

Good job guys. Keep up the good work!

For more information visit the Eleven Dollars website.


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