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29 May 2009

Sergey Iljinov R.I.P – May 2009 – It is with sadness that we write that our head of A & R and Business Development for Russia, MR Sergey Iljinov has died after being sick for a short period from an aneurysm. We wish to send all our heart felt sympathies to his family and friends and he will be sadly missed. Hellmut Wolf worked with Sergey on the day to day administration of all our acts in Russia and he sends his love and wishes to his family.
“He was a very gifted and intelligent man with a non stoppable passion for the arts. Sergey was a truly GREAT man, and we will never ever forget him. He sometimes spoke about death, and we both agreed that we are so lucky, because we are loved in our lives and we are leaving something special behind in our music for the world to enjoy. He is and was one of the most highly regarded music producers that has ever lived.”

Rest in peace from all here at Blue Pie.

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