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A Twitchy new song!!
15 Jan 2015

Rock band, The Twitch, has exciting news that has hyped out the New Year, a new song and live shows coming to the fans at the end of January, so keep an ear open for it!

The Twitch is a four-piece band, Izzy Dakota Jones (vocals), Woody James (guitar), Troy Neaves (bass), and Brian Anthony Rask (drums) that hails from Vancouver, Canada that represents rock in its truest sense and form. They are constantly writing songs, getting their music played on radio stations all over the globe and now are ready to release new songs for fans to here. Hear them Call Your Name, grab your Whiskey In The Bottle, join in on the Celebration and listen out for their new song.

The boys from the band will be updating their website and YouTube page with news and videos about the new song that they will be releasing, and uploading live shows dates for February and March on their Facebook page as well.

For more information about The Twitch and their news remember to check them out on their website and YouTube page:

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