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"A World of Difference" Continues to Shine: Selected for Madrid International Movie Awards
13 Dec 2023

In another proud moment for the cycling documentary “A World of Difference,” the film has once again secured a spot, this time in the documentary category at the Madrid International Movie Awards.

The IMDb-qualifying festival, known for its bimonthly online format, provides a unique platform for a diverse range of cinematic creations. From screenplays and shorts to feature films, the Madrid International Movie Awards embraces categories such as Narrative, Web Series, Animation, Documentary, Indie, Experimental, Music Video, and Micro Film.

The festival’s approach is refreshingly democratic. Every two months, a dedicated jury meticulously evaluates submissions through private screenings, ensuring a fair and comprehensive selection process.

As “A World of Difference” gears up for the Madrid International Movie Awards, we invite you to catch the film’s compelling journey on Apple TV. Click here for an immersive experience. Explore more, including the film’s soundtrack and the music of Sam Pollard, featured in the documentary, to unravel additional layers of this journey. Stay tuned for updates and enjoy the ride!


You can check out the film and what the fuss is all about at the following official links:

The World of Difference film is distributed exclusively for the world by Planet Blue Pictures USA

You can watch the film on Apple TV on demand. Click here:

Watch the trailer on VIMEO here:

Check out the films Sound Track on Spotify:

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