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"A World of Difference" Honored with Best Documentary at the London Independent Film Awards 2023
27 Oct 2023

The London Independent Film Awards continues to shine a spotlight on independent filmmaking, acknowledging the untapped potential and captivating narratives that abound in this vibrant world. It’s a celebration of the indie spirit, where vision and dedication are cherished above all.

In this year’s ceremony, “A World of Difference” emerged as the triumphant victor in the Best Documentary category. The film embodies the essence of indie cinema – a testament to the unwavering passion and dedication of its creators.

Directed by Simon Smithers, the film invites audiences on an extraordinary journey through the heart of Australia. It follows the remarkable story of Sam, a dedicated cyclist, and triathlete, as he sets out to accomplish one of his most audacious life goals – crossing the vast expanse of the Australian continent and conquering the Busselton Ironman right after.

In this awe-inspiring odyssey, we witness Sam, his coach, and a team of dedicated individuals’ team up with a skilled camera crew. Together, they endure the grueling physical and emotional challenges of the Australian terrain, while forging bonds of camaraderie and determination. Their mission is to conquer not only the vast distances and rugged landscapes but also the obstacles within themselves.

Congratulations to Simon Smithers, Patrick Legge, Gilbert Nic, Peter Rothwell, and Robin Newell for their once again remarkable achievement. “A World of Difference” stands as a beacon of the power of independent filmmaking to create stories that truly make a world of difference in the cinematic landscape.


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