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African SuperStar Gospel artist "Ese Chekwa" from Nigeria has dropped her new song “Worship Anthem” and the Angels Rejouce !!!
27 Aug 2018

We simply LOVE LOVE LOVE, African SuperStar Gospel artist “Ese Chekwa” from Nigeria. Her new album is doing major streaming business globally and her new single from the album “Worship Anthem” is gathering a life of its own accrss Afirca.

The title trtack from here new album, was produced by iChek while featuring Gospel Music Legend and Veteran, Dr. Ron Kenoly.

Throughout this song, Ese wants to magnifiy the name of God and exalts His name above all. She chose to feature Dr. Ron, a father and mentor to many throughout Africa. This was an incredible move and allowed Ese to tap in his extremely loyal and global fan base.

This powerful song definitely echoes Ese’s inluences including Dr. Panam, Percy Paul and Nathaniel Bassey.

Ese was a contestant on the top African Music TV Show “MTN Project Fame West Africa Season 4” and emerged 2nd runner up. The expereince and exposure to an audience of over 200,000,000 people or more has helped her build a strong fanbase and here continuously rising views on Spotify and iTune prove the point.

Ese Chekwa also had the privilege to minister at the ASANTE Concert of Covenant Christian Center Choir with Don Moen. Her popularity grows daily. Ese is the voice of her generation!

Go and listen Ese Chekwa’s and click on the following links below.

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