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Afrobeat rising pop star, Sean Tizzle Joins the DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records Roster !
20 Oct 2018

Earlier this year we found ourselves lucky enough to be signing a deal with the one and only Sean Tizzle, aka one of the biggest stars in Nigeria right now. With his suave and chilled out afrobeat style and his amazing vocal talent and already extensive discography of work, a testament to his skill as an artist, we are excited to work with the multiple award-winning artist and see him flourish globally.

Sean’s latest track, Kpro Kpro Remix ft Davido, is a remix of a track from December 2017 that he worked on with Davido, and demonstrates his unique style, which has influences from reggae and R&B. It’s a chilled-out track with subtle EDM touches, that showcases Sean’s incredible voice.

Sean took a step back from his public career in 2015, taking time away to reinvent and rebrand himself, to update his style and sound, and returned in 2017 with the long awaited Moving Forward Vol.1 EP, which as the name would imply is a look into the future, and compliments his 2014 album The Journey, which was a retrospective into his past.

Moving Forward Vol.1 is the first of three volumes, a total of 22 tracks, which are intended to be a kind of long form album, split into three pieces and released gradually so that the fans can appreciate it properly, as well as to fit into the motif of moving forward.


In the five years since he started his music career Sean has never stopped working to improve and to expand, and it shows in his music. With all signs pointing to an endless ascent into absolute music stardom, and his music only getting better with every new track, here at Blue Pie we’re all on the edge of our seats waiting for what he’ll do next, and we know you’ll love his music as much as we do.

Check out his newest track Kpro Kpro Remix ft Davido linked below, along with his personal website which has recently been updated, his social media pages and links to listen to or buy his music.


Here is a few of his killer videos gathering major traffic on YouTube !

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