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Afrologic’s new album “Ten Cities” out now on iTunes for the world !!!
01 Feb 2015

Afrologic’s new album “Ten Cities” is a journey of musicians and writers. It consists of a music- and a research part. The project brings together about 50 DJs, producers and musicians from the ten cities, enabling them to cooperate and produce music together. At the same time, a research project will use the perspective of club cultures to explore and investigate again a crucial notion of political theory: the public sphere – from a different perspective than the usual research tradition and in a serial, intercultural approach.

There were 20+ authors, all from the city they are writing about, will tell us the history of club music in those ten cities, and the history of the public spheres that have been formed around club music for the last 50 years. The project will culminate in putting out the tracks in music albums and downloads, whereby the results of the research project will be published in a publication.

We are very pleased to announce that TEN CITIES is now available on SoundCloud. The album will be live on iTunes for the world in the coming weeks. Click here to listen to previews of the this great album.

Check out some of the recording process here:



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