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Afronaut Gets Licensed!
11 Apr 2011

The Blue Pie license team has been keeping busy once more. Afronaut’s incredible track, Tla Re Kopane, received high praise and was included to the new compilation series House of Africa.

The compilation series was put together by Spark Marketing in the UK, and will be used to help promote tourism and trade in Kenya. The album was compiled for Kempinski by Rob Wood at Music Concierge

Another great license placement by the Blue Pie license team!

Special thanks goes to Damien Reilly for getting this connection established with Spark in the UK.

Afronaut is an artist from one of Blue Pie’s label partners; African Dope Records.  This is another great way that Blue Pie helps our label partners get licensed.

To listen to Afronaut’s musical offerings, head to:

Or for more information on African Dope Records, head to their website:

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