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Alan Kennedy singer-songwriter hits over 20m streams with his band Running Blue!
28 Mar 2024

Ordior Media celebrates singer, song-writer, and saxophonist Alan Kennedy with his new website at and the band that he formed in the early 80’s, Running Blue and their streaming success with clocking up over 20M streams.

Alan Kennedy is a versatile musician and songwriter whose musical journey spans over 4 decades, leaving an indelible mark. Fuelled by an unshakable passion for music, Alan’s extraordinary career comes to life through his involvement in two dynamic bands, Running Blue  and The Detectives.

Running Blue, his first band that he founded with Damien Reilly features Alan’s soulful vocals. His passion and vocal delivery are the forefront of the listeners ears, the music artfully blends retro sounds from the 80’s  with a contemporary twist. The sound master that helped to craft these incredible tunes is Blue Pie’s Gabe Rizza who is no stranger to making hits. The band has accumulated over 20,000,000 million streams across, YouTube, TikTok, Spotify and the main streaming platforms.

The band’s unique sound is defined by the synergy between Alan, the synth-pop vibes of Michael O’Grady, and the song writing skills of Damien and Alan the group founders.

Produced by Gabe Rizza and Damien Reilly, Running Blue are getting air play from the UK to Finland to Australia on the global indie radio station networks.

On the other hand, Alans other band, The Detectives, is the ultimate 5-piece rock ‘n’ roll party band based in Byron Bay, delivering high-energy gigs over five decades of dance tunes. Alan’s role in The Detectives goes beyond singing; his signature saxophone playing adds an extra layer of depth to their live shows.

As Damien Reilly says:

“The band is proud of what we have achieved with Running Blue’s new recordings. Its catalogue has notched up over 20m streams across all streaming platforms, and we keep getting air play on the Syndicast Network in the UK accross the indie stations. Thats been a huge help. The team at Syndicast have been incredible as well as the Ordior Media team run by Kate Ingham”.

Check out the Running Blue sound here:


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