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Alexx Calise Gets Some Loving On "One Tree Hill"
19 Nov 2009

Alexx Calise gets some loving on “One Tree Hill ” and the fans can not stop downloading! In case you didn’t hear, Alexx Calise’s song, “Morning Pill” was recently used in a One Tree Hill promo, which you can still catch on Youtube. Alex was also featured as an “Artist on the Rise” on Blog Critic’s website, and interviewed by the lovely Stephanie Fantauzzi for Florida Atlantic University’s Owl Observer blog. Boston’s #1 Hit Station, Kiss 108 FM has also been spinning the single from my forthcoming album, “Out of Sight.” and perhaps the most exciting news of all though is my being featured on the free Bittorrent/Gnutella site, In just 3 days, the free 5-song compilation that Alexx made available to Frostwire users was downloaded 50,000 times! Pretty crazy and shows that the fans want Alexx. Check out the Alexx Calise website where Alexx has new editions to the site including a limited edition “Morning Pill” era photo tee, an AC fan pack, and a variety of ringtones. Please feel free to browse around! AC merch makes for great holiday presents / stocking stuffers! Please check for updates at You can expect Alexx’s new album, and the debut album from my other band “Sound of Cancer” available everywhere on 1.1.2010. Raaawwwwwkkkkkk ON !

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