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All of Blue Pie's artists LOVE Tik Tok! Thanks to TENCENT for 100 MILLION streams!
21 Sep 2020

100 million streams. A number that baffles the mind. It’s nothing to sneeze at, but it’s the reality we face today! Blue Pie Records, DJ Central Records and all our artists LOVE Tik Tok, and we have over 100M reasons to love Tik Tok too! And each one of those is a stream from the beloved video platform. A great deal of our artists have had their songs used in Tik Toks, and we’ve even made some… with some more to come soon! Even Down3r’s joined the fun with his own Tik Tok account! Not to mention the #TikTikTikBoomBoom and #SugaBoomBoomKC twin movements that we’ve been pushing… Just look at all of this creative passion on display!

@bluepierecordsSo we did the @judithilen dance… ##fyp ##comedy ##meme ##chasingdragons ##tiktiktikboomboom ##sugaboomboomKC ##foryoupage ##cosplay ##music ##horsemask♬ original sound – PlanetBluePictures

@kiraasweet ##POV : ur at a club and get approached by a girl who has noticed u be hit on by guys all night ##lgbt ##bi ##fyp ##foryoupage ##flirt ##tiktiktikboomboom ♬ Oxygen – J. Young

@therealsugaboomboomReply to @theyknowmaddi

♬ original sound – Suga Boom Boom

@judithilen 🍎🙃🍎.🎵Loving this song by the @keycrashers #Ti#kTikTikBoomBoom #Su#gaBoomBoomKC.@bluepierecords ♬ Suga Boom Boom – Extended Club Mix – Key Crashers & DL Down3r

We’d like to give some special thanks to the legendary TENCENT for the love – as Ordior’s partner, it’s thanks to them that China is streaming our catalogue so much, and of course, that’s a big factor in our songs getting used on Tik Tok!

We’re now entering a new creative era, where not only is content easy to share with the world, but it’s also easier than ever to whip up a masterpiece in an afternoon and be remembered for years as one of many quotable memes or catchy routines. Tik Tok is one of the driving forces behind this, and that’s why it’s so amazing to see the likes of DL Down3r, The Key Crashers, Sam Pollard, and J Young all being used to make incredible videos pop all the more. That’s part of the reason why we jumped on the hype train and made some Tik Toks of our own! If you want to see them for yourself, OR IF YOU WANT TO SEND US YOUR VIDEOS FOR A CHANCE TO BE FEATURED ON OUR TIK TOK AND INSTAGRAM, then send us what you got! We’re waiting eagerly!

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But until then, we’ll be sitting back in astonishment and gratitude towards the sheer difference TENCENT has been making on our lives, especially our Tik Tok ones! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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