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All the way from Africa! Password graces our ears, and brings us a new single!
14 Oct 2019

Patrick Mathias AKA Password is now a Blue Pie exclusive! He’s exclusively publishing through us, and working with some of the world’s best. All the way from Africa, this talented artist brings some of the best hits we’ve ever heard, and he isn’t slowing down- his newest hit “Sakawa” does not disappoint!

The chill beats that are a mainstay of some of Password’s best work are alive and well here. This is the perfect track for a cool night at the club, or for relaxing next to the pool with a chilled drink. Password has found his niche, and he fits into it like a glove every time!

And this isn’t Password’s first outing by any means. Born in Cross River, Nigeria, Password got widespread recognition for his contribution to the Davido single ‘Gobe’, which peaked at #1 on MTV Base’s Official Naija Top Ten Chart, and has over 32 million plays on Youtube! Give ‘Gobe’ a watch and let yourself be blown away by a hit classic.

And why not check out Password’s individual take on it?

Our friend from Africa is certainly making a name for himself, not that he needs to make more of one! He’s already a beloved icon in Africa, and the rest of the world is starting to take notice. As would anyone, with amazing singles like “Sakawa”!

Yes, it’s clear to see that Password is fast becoming a mainstay of African music, and music in general! We’re glad to be working with him exclusively- there’s a lot to celebrate from such a thing!

If you like Password and “Gobe”, also be sure to treat yourself to this compilation of hits from Africa- of course, “Gobe” is included!

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