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Already 10 years! Let’s remember the amazing Stanky Legg’s of the GS Boyz.
26 Jul 2018

The GS Boyz is an American hip hop group from Arlington, Texas, formed in 2005. The group gained national popularity and sold over 1 million records under Sony Music, RCA Records, and MWN Music Group. The fact that the members were friends since high school made the strength of the band. They had many regional hits in their early stages, including “Hit the G-Spot”, “Twisted”, “He Don’t Deserve You”, and “First Time.”

The GS Boyz just released a new song “Off Top” which reminded us of the strong success they obtained with their unforgettable song “Stanky Legg”. Released in 2008 and based on a popular Dallas dance movement of the same name, the song peaked at the 49th position on the Billboard Hot 100 and at the 7th on the Hot Rap Tracks. “Stanky Legg” was certified US Gold and the group was nominated in 2009 at the BET Awards in the category Best Rap Group.


This song was critically acclaimed by everyone especially in America, since the official YouTube video counts now more than 28 Million views. Regular comments on the video highlight that, after 10 years and counting, this song is still in our memories and still catchy.

You should definitely listen to GS Boyz’s big hit to refresh your memories !

You can check out the music and find more information using the following sites:

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