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Altered State new EP gaining more and more fans !
12 Jan 2013


Altered States have officially completed their debut EP out on Blue Pie for the world and released late 2012. The EP is a Five track compilation extravaganza titled ‘Wanderlust’. Wanderlust is a unified, flowing musical piece, layered with intricate drums, progressing guitar riffs and the ambient, eye opening lyrics of Luke Hoffman to top it off! Not your average ‘concept album’, each song is meant to be interpreted by the listener as their very own sonic experience! ‘Wanderlust’ encompasses the many celestial ideas, psychedelic experiences and eye-opening self realizations perceived through the views of the Texan band, drawing inspirations from many different genres and styles ranging from progressive rock, to the swinging 60’s hippy revolution!

Altered States take inspiration from artists such as; Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Tool, The Flaming Lips, The Mars Volta and Led Zeppelin. Combining their diverse musical tastes and love for the last real frontier, they strive to create thought evoking sound scapes that draw you in measure by measure. Layered with meaningful lyrics referencing past memories and visions, progressively intricate guitar riffs, thumping bass lines, floating keyboards and hard-hitting drum beats…Altered States’ sound will transport you to another musical dimension, and you’ll never want to leave.

Altered States, ‘Wanderlust’ EP has been completed and mastered for the New Year- the 60’s flashback musical masterpiece will be officially released on January 13th 2013! Be sure to check out this sneak peek on Last Fm! 

Blue Pie are excited to work alongside Altered State throughout 2013 for more psycadelic hits!

GOOGLE Search ” altered states wanderlust ” for more information. Download this hot EP on iTunes now. Click Here

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