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Altered States Fans 'In A State Of Wonder'
12 Feb 2013

Altered States have started 2013 strong; on January 13 they released their new track ‘In a State of Wonder’ from their current EP ‘Wanderlust’. It has been receiving love from fans everywhere, and is available through their Bandcamp site.


Fan Mike Massey couldn’t have described Altered States any better, stating “Everyone needs to pay attention to Altered States, this group is like someone threw the sound of Pink Floyd, Hawk Wind and Rush in a blender, pushed puree and this cool, fresh original sound came out. This doesn’t happen very often in today’s mundane monkey see, monkey do world of music. The coolness of it all is they seem to be getting better with no signs of peaking in sight”.


Altered States definitely have no plans on peaking anytime soon! Once settled on a new lineup they will be working on some exciting show announcements, another newly recorded song and a completely new Altered States.


For more information, visit their Facebook page: To listen to their new single ‘In a State of Wonder’ check out their Bandcamp page:

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