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Altered States release EP "Wanderlust"!
17 Nov 2012

Formed in Dallas, Texas in 2010 over a few beers and a mutual passion for playing music, Altered States is a collection of musicians of contrasting styles, drawing their musical inspirations from artists such as Radiohead and Pink Floyd, to Tool and Led Zeppelin. 

“Wanderlust”, released earlier this year, is a five track EP that includes tracks such as “In Between Dreams” and “Entrapped in Colour” and is absolute necessary purchase for all listeners of progressive rock with electronic and psychedelic blue undertones.  

A unified, flowing musical piece, “Wanderlust” encompasses the many celestial ideas, psychedelic experiences and eye-opening self-realizations perceived by singer/guitarist Luke Hoffman and lead guitarist Josh Dawald.

Recorded and produced with the help of Darin Watson, a good friend and extraordinary engineer, the band was able to carefully construct each song exactly the way they envisioned. The end result is a musical debut they are extremely proud of.

“Wanderlust” is available to purchase on iTunes for the world! You can download, rate and review the EP today!

For more information on Altered States, please see their Official Reverb Nation page.

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