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Amanda Lee Falkenberg signs with Blue Pie
15 Jul 2010

Blue Pie pleased to announce the signing of one of Australia’s new and emerging composers ” Amanda Lee Falkenberg “. Amanda Lee Falkenberg began playing the piano at the age of 2 1/2. After receiving multiple awards for her dynamic playing, she won a position as pianist with the prestigious Australian Ballet Company. This vibrant environment is where Falkenberg began her career as a composer. Her gift for improvisation to accompany ballet dancers as they trained, progressed to her recording over 120 captivating compositions for her highly acclaimed “Moving With Music” series. Her gifts for writing ‘visual music’ naturally led her to compose for other visual media, including her own 30 minute ballet, stage plays, short films, feature films, documentaries and international animation series. Her varied music styles range from solo piano, to epic orchestral scores; cutting edge sound design to whimsical underscore for children’s animation. She has received multiple nominations for her film scores at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in 2009 and 2010 (HMMA) and Los Angeles Music Awards.We are honoured to have Amanda on the roster. The Blue Pie License Team are working with Amanda and our global film and media networks to seek out and secure license sales of Amada’s great music. Check out Amada’s website and see her amazing accomplishments to date. Things are only going to get better.

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