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Amanyea’s Popularity is climbing fast after her success with her New Hit single Aye Aye !!
29 Sep 2018

Three weeks after the release of her single Aye Aye and the accompanying music video, the Jamaican star’s popularity has exploded in her homeland, and is starting to spread elsewhere too. An incredibly skilled woman, with a Bachelor of Science in public relations, a minor in music business and engineering, and not one but six distinctions in ballet from the Royal Academy of Dance, has turned her eye towards a music career recently. With her single Talk For a Little released in May 2018 and recorded with Jordanne Patrice, another Jamaican artist, and now her single Aye Aye, we’re expecting big things from Amanyea.

After an injury earlier this year she took some time out to work on recovery after multiple surgeries, but that hasn’t slowed her down one bit. Her music video for Aye Aye demonstrates her incredible voice and musical skill, not to mention her abilities as a choreographer and dancer. Make sure you check out the link for the video below. Her style is an innovative, sensual and hypnotic blend of pop, reggae, and dance hall. Her music video also showcases some very cool Jamaican fashion too, with all of the dancers and particularly Amanyea herself looking absolutely stunning in the video.

She had a guest feature on Daytime Live, the number 1 daytime show in Jamaica, where she performed a live set of Aye Aye. You can find more info about this and several clips on her facebook and twitter pages, linked below. Just yesterday she was seen looking stunning and strutting her stuff for Campari Carribean, as part of their Campari Pop Style campaign. You can find clips and photos from that on her facebook and twitter, again linked below.

Amanyea has demonstrated her amazing skill as an artist, and will continue to do so as her audience expands and her works pile up. Aye Aye is a testament to that skill, and is just the beginning. Expect big things from her in the coming months and years.


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