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AMAZING cover of Suga Boom Boom inspires #SugaBoomBoomCovers movement!
09 Feb 2019

So you’ve probably heard of our twin hashtag movements for Down3r promotion at this stage if you’ve been keeping up with our articles, but here’s a quick refresher.

#SugaBoomBoomReviews – Send us your honest thoughts of Suga Boom Boom with this hashtag for the chance to be featured in a newsletter or article!

#SugaBoomBoomCovers – Send us your best covers of Suga Boom Boom for a chance to get your flow and style in DJ Central Season 6!

For more info on these hashtags and the Suga Boom Boom viral movement in general, click here!

And here too, for more elaboration on the newsletter we mentioned and how your reviews would feature, if you aren’t the “covering” type!

Unprompted favourable reviews of Suga Boom Boom inspired us to create the former hashtag, but as for the latter, one particular cover inspired it all, and that’s this one right here from Kendra Cozy!

It’s a truly dank cover, not only applying her own flow and style to DL’s work, but applying her own perspective to the situation that Suga Boom Boom describes. It’s a song that is no longer from the perspective of an addict, but from the perspective of an addict’s lover, watching her partner’s life fall apart to the will of the “dragon”. It’s truly a powerful piece with an emotional message, and Kendra absolutely nailed the cover!

Kendra’s description of her motivation and message behind the cover are also sure to touch your heart and put you in her shoes.

So a while ago I heard a song called Suga Boom Boom by DL Downer, the song itself hit home for me at a time in my life, so I rewrote the lyrics from the perspective of the woman who doesn’t use and is in a relationship with a man who does. This isn’t perfect by any means and my rhythm is off but I had to get it out because I recorded it a long time ago and never posted it so I redid it and if I don’t post it now I won’t ever do it.

The cover is blowing up with 1 million views, and so we figured we’d start the #SugaBoomBoomCovers movement due to the unprompted talent that Kendra displayed. However, we really wanna do more with what we can see here!

Kendra! If you’re out there, or someone knows her and wants to relay this, email with the subject KENDRA and we’ll see what we can do about fostering that talent of yours! You got potential, and we cannot wait to see the talents of everyone else who wants to try their hands at covering Suga Boom Boom with the hashtag movement!

We’ll be waiting for your submissions! Keep bumping the amazing beats and show us what you can do… as you can see from that video, talent can truly be brought out through covering emotional songs like this, fam! 🔥

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