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Amazon Sell Gaga's New Release for .99c. What does this mean for the music industry?
06 Jun 2011

Lady Gaga has teamed up with to sell her new album Born This Way online for .99c. This special offer was for one day only on May 23, which was the same day as the release of the album. It was a risky move from Amazon, selling what could most likely be the music industry’s biggest selling release of the year at a very low price.

However, this move comes after rumours rose of the new Apple cloud service. Using this drastic price drop as a marketing tactic, Amazon seems to have hoped for a much wider and greater use of their cloud system whilst purchasing the discounted album.

This not only shows the changing nature of the music industry once again, but also shows the drop in price for music and album purchasing via online retailers.

To read the full article from The Music Network, click here!

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