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An International Journey: 'A World of Difference' at Budapest Movie Awards
01 Nov 2023

Planet Blue Picture’s captivating documentary “A World of Difference” gears up to compete for the Grand Prix Feature Documentary at the Budapest Movie Awards, Hungary’s renowned film festival with an impressive international reach.

The Budapest Movie Awards boasts an esteemed international jury, a blend of cinematic experts from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Spain, Japan, Mexico, and the USA. This global representation highlights the festival’s commitment to recognizing outstanding films from around the world, making it a fitting stage for a documentary like “A World of Difference.”

A World of Difference is a road cycling documentary that follows Sam Pollard, a musician, who cycles across Australia in 26 days. Right after completing his cycling adventure, he participates in an Ironman triathlon championship.  Set to Sam’s original independent rock music soundtrack, A World of Difference is for dream seekers, for cycling enthusiasts, for challenging adventurers who love pushing self-limits to reach unforgettable experiences.  It shows the Australian Outback, its people and its extraordinary countryside. A World of Difference is a documentary feature distributed by Planet Blue Pictures USA for global audiences.

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The World of Difference film is distributed exclusively for the world by Planet Blue Pictures USA

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