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Andrea Marr keeps the Summer Love flowing ! Australian radio says it wants a long Summer !!!
01 Feb 2015

Andrea Marr keeps the Summer Love flowing ! Australian radio says it wants a long Summer !!!

The radio love is flowing from Melbourne Australia for Andrea Marr’s “ Summer Love “. The song is out now via the Amrap network and Air Play Direct for not only Australian radio but for the world media to download. The song is being added to key radio networks and stations accross Australia. The track is available for global radio via Air Play Direct at the links below.


Summe Love was written by Michael Jameson and produced by Danny Saber and Damien Reilly and features the incredible vocal power of Andrea Marr.

As Damien says: “ Andrea is a power house of Soul. The song has a retro throw back vibe and pays homage to the Isley Brothers and that early 1970’s funk sound. The track would be right at home on an episode of Starsky and Hutch or SWAT. Danny went to town with his great guitar work earning the nick name during the sessions of “ Danny Isley “. We have a lot of interest in the track from radio and we will be doing all we can to land some great license placements. The song was added to the Planet Blue Pictures + ICM Partners catalogues for film and TV placements. This is just the start of this great collaboration and we have several more songs on the way for 2015 with Andrea doing what she does best “


Radio loves Andrea, who has already generated significant airplay from local Melbourne stations. With quotes flowing in like we have below the song is set to be added to national rotation on key networks over the next few months. Andrea’s links and bio are below for media to download. Congrats to Andrea for making “Summer Love” the summer soul hit for radio this summer !!!



  • Melbourne’s soul guru PBS “Soul Time” presenter Vince Peach says  “ I love this song Summer Love and will add this to my shows playlist”
  • Australia’s very own Molly Meldrum on ABC Radio says “ I love this song “ through another one of my contacts
  • Phil Pappas ( Disney ) INOV8 Entertainment “Love this song, great song Andrea !”
  • Billy Pinnell from 3RRR Melbourne  “ Your best work Andrea, I love Summer Love “
  • Brian Wise “ A great song “


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